Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Its a bit Grim outside

So why not come on in and keep the warmth alive.

So let me introduce to you Grim or Grimblood Skall as he is truly know, he first caught my attention while travelling down my flickr feed, and he had made a comment and so i followed him in return, and he has a nice feed, then would see him a couple times at various parties, and if anyone who knows me, knows i hate sending messages to people, cause i dont like to bug hehe....so imagine my surprise when i was messaged by a friend who wanted me to do a portrait of a guy and none other than did she teleport in Grim, which actually caught me by surprise at first, and was finally nice to be actually introduced to him.

I love his look, as his tats in my opinion probably tell a story in a way,he has a shape i like very much and could have just shot him over and over, and he is very new to the porn industry and would like to get out and about and be seen.  He is also seeking to do his own type of photography also, and well with giving him help and advice, i truly look forward to seeing how he goes moving forward....

Its a pleasure to meet you Grim


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