Thursday, July 13, 2017

How Do you like your hair

So have you been to the hair fair yet, not seen what you like as yet, well even though i currently cannot go anywhere in Secondlife as much as i want to just now, i have officially no computer, well i do but seems Motherboard is on the verge of dying on me and i keep getting ethernet has failed, but as its been discussed with people i know, they say i would either need to get a new motherboard or a new computer(both of which i cannot afford currently) but hey least i can use a laptop or go to the library, the laptop i can only get onto SecondLife via the Radegast Client which is for sure only Text based, but i can at least sit and at least hope for the best....So if you want to chat to me and see me online, then go for always available and at least i have dear Midnight to talk to on a regular basis, just annoying we cant do things around the grid and it was the trip to the beach that Midnight took me to, literally zapped the energy of my pc :P

So yes back to the hair fair, if you also follow my Blog link you would also notice that my blog has all the around the grid info, hence why MidnightSun Studios keeps up to date with everything and always in the know..

When i was looking for information i found this lovely page, that is constantly throwing in great videos, and this one caught my eye regarding the Hair Fair that is on at the moment, it is a 7 minute film regarding all the hair this girl has bought, so if you havent had the chance to get to the hair fair, or cant even afford it, then the next best thing is for me to show you the styles that are on offer from the many great designers out there....

Enjoy :)

Hair Fair 2017 Haul

and here

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