Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Are You Ready?

For August....its almost upon us and we are almost have way through the Summer....eeks, then the downhill of Autumn/Fall will be on us so darn soon...This year has been quite the year for me and the year is ending so fast as you always find when autumn and winter comes then the next year is almost there....shakes head at the thought.

So for August and the next Bish Box will be ready to grab and if you dont know what Bish Box is yet, then all it takes is $1500ls to get if you join the delivery list right up to the 19th of August, then you get it on the 20th. The you receive 15 edgy and creative designs to do as you wish....so if you have not done so or thought about getting then im sure you should

Also Cosmopolitan who run a Bi weekly event, from today,and if you look below the link you will see the available store list available so have fun in your shopping

Cosmopolitan Store List

Finally another Event i should mention that actually happens to celebrate a birthday, its 3rd birthday at that,is Uber, which have various designers but the best thing about this birthday event is that it has double the shops, so each designer plus an extra guest so to speak....Depending on the tastes you have i would get down there,before August 23rd.

Uber Taxi

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