Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Introducing Victoria

Another stunning new lady enters our gallery today. Introducing Victoriagrace "Tori' in this series. Tori recently answered our model search and as you can see we were pleasantly surprised when we met her. She has a unique look and style of her own and I was able to get a few stats on this  model for prospective producers and photographers. Tori is definitely one to follow on Flikr. I hope you enjoy these as much as I Have in producing them.
Name: Victoria "Tori" Grayce Draconis-Willowind

Rezz day: 6/11/2015

What country are you from?: USA

Star sign: Gemini

Favorite color?: Purple and teal

Favorite movie/TV show?: The Originals

Favorite song?:  Castle by Halsey

Favorite place in sl?: Elysion, and my home

Favorite store?: Truth and Erratic...though I am a shopaholic.

Describe your perfect date?: I prefer simple...a nice dinner or even a movie and finding an open place to walk and talk. Being able to focus on the person you are with is important.

What is your favorite sexual position?: Doggy

What brought you to sl?: A friend brought me in 

What is your favorite thing to do in sl?: Photography

Who do you admire?: Honestly, my mother....simple I know, but there was no other person kinder, or pure of heart I ever knew

What is your special talent?: I don't know that I have any talents but I enjoy seeing others smile and I have been told I am a good mediator.

Tell us a little about your personality?: I am usually outgoing and love making others smile. Joking and laughing with others is a joy.

Tell us a little about your SL experiences:  I have danced, bred WK cats, Kitty Cats, hosted, and even worked an auction house for breedable animals as well as modeling and photography. 

Do you have any links to share? i.e flikr , blog ect? https://www.flickr.com/photos/tori_grayce/

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