Thursday, June 8, 2017

Introducing TarTar

I would like to introduce TarTar (Tara) Hekmatyar in this series as we continue to add new faces to the gallery. TarTar is an exceptionally gorgeous brunette who has modeled some in her SL time and we definitely think it shows. Here is a lady worth following on Flikr as well as in future projects. I got the opportunity to get a few stats on this stunning lady, and I hope you enjoy these as much as I have in creating them.
Name: TarTar (Tara) Hekmatyar

Rezz day: 10.09.2011

What country are you from?: germany

Star sign:  Aries

Favorite color?: Neon Green / Gold Shades

Favorite movie/TV show?: To be honest, the isnt a specific one.
I say funny animes :D

Favorite song?:  That would be Battlefield from Blind Guardian

Favorite place in sl?: My own little home <3

Favorite store?: erratic :D 

Describe your perfect date?: Well, mhhr if it would in SL i guess, explore a nice place i havnt seen yet.. or have some hour long roleplay :3

What is your favorite sexual position?: Definally riding, as i can take control.

What brought you to sl?: well to be honest i was bored around me, when i joined since then i just spend my time here.

What is your favorite thing to do in sl?: Creating fun new avatars, expanding my flickr.... and well have some roleplay here and there.

Who do you admire?: mhhhr... i dont know really, it try to improve myself by looking at my own actions!

What is your special talent?: o .o erm! i guess i can cook very good :D
and puh i am good and some videogames too :D

Tell us a little about your personality?: i guess i am really openminded to things, always try to have a bright mood for everyone around me..
Playing around and joking :D I am just very energetic.

Tell us a little about your SL experiences
Well i am already almost 6 years here now... i guess saying everything would be a bit much! but recently i won a great pageant here :D it was a really exciting and nerve wrecking contest, but i am glad i joined it..

Do you have any links to share? i.e flikr , blog ect?

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