Saturday, June 24, 2017

Introducing Paige

Here's a brand new lady to the gallery of models. Introducing a fiery red in this series who is new to the modeling scene and as you will see is quite busty and delicious. I managed to get a few stats of this stunning new lady for prospective producers, and would like to introduce Miss Paige .

Name: Paige Carmichael-Querilo

Rezz day:  30th August 2016

What country are you from?: England

Star sign: Scorpio

Favorite color?: Blue

Favorite movie/TV show?: Currently it is House of Cards - Devious Frank!

Favorite song?: Bohemium Rhapsody - Queen

Favorite place in sl?: The club i work at - Rouge. The best co-workers!

Favorite store?: Breathe or Blueberry....depends on the newest release!

Describe your perfect date?: Good Company, Dinner, Dancing, ending in great sex.

What is your favorite sexual position?: oooh god, all? with the right person, arent they all. if i had to choose one, it would be standing, pushed up against the wall from behind.

What brought you to sl?: A want to escape the dreariness of my other life, i found that and a whole lot more.

What is your favorite thing to do in sl?: Hang out with with my friends, either at their place, going to events or the club i work at.

Who do you admire?: Anyone who has the courage to take a stand for something the believe in.

What is your special talent?: I'm darn great in the sack, that counts right?

Tell us a little about your personality?: I'm fiery and fierce being a read head, but also trusty and loyal. But im a little bit of drama queen and can throw quite the tantrum, i do try it behave..mostly!

Tell us a little about your SL experiences. So many of them, its what keeps me back, late night chats with my friends, Having fun at where i work, doing photo shoots like this. And also shopping, who doesn't love the breadth and variety us women can get in SL.

Do you have any links to share? i.e flikr , blog ect? here is my flickr my blog isnt readt to be seen yet!

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