Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Introducing Sharon Castillone

Another new face to the gallery today with the introduction of the lovely Miss Sharon Castillone. Sharon is a firey red that aspires to become and adult model and porn actress, and has a personality that is absolutely fun. Here are a few stats on this hot little red .
Name: Sharon Castillione (Sharon.Summerwind)

Rezz day: April 09, 2010

What country are you from?: The United Kindom

Star sign: Taurus

Favorite color?: Red

Favorite movie/TV show?: Far, FAR too many to choose from

Favorite song?: Far, FAR too many to choose from.

Favorite place in sl?: I have a select few places, some naughty and some nice. But I keep them to myself.

Favorite store?: I don't have a favorite store, if they do high-quality items, I will usually buy them.

Describe your perfect date?: So far the best dates have been the romantic candlelit dinners with intelligent conversation before we eventually go back to his place to end the night with some wild bedroom action *Winks and blows a kiss*

What is your favorite sexual position?: All of them *Winks*

What brought you to sl?: After nearly 7 years. The original reason has eluded me. I think it was a natural progression from online chatting that lead me to here... I think.

What is your favorite thing to do in sl?: Have fun in whatever form my mood wants.

Who do you admire?: Strong fictional female characters that have good characterizations. Those girls know how to represent!

What is your special talent?: Patient and collected

Tell us a little about your personality?: Sultry, seductive, sweet and kind.

Tell us a little about your SL experiences: I have been in SL for nearly 7 years and I've expreienced ALOT in my time. Love, marriage, tears, drama, sexy fun, anger and happiness, frustration and anticipation and the curiosity to explore.

Do you have any links to share? i.e flikr , blog ect? https://www.flickr.com/photos/136953279@N03/

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