Saturday, March 25, 2017

Grand Opening The Sapphire Lounge

Today is the grand opening of  Sexy Sabine's new venture The Sapphire lounge. A traditional Striptease club the Sapphire is open to female and transgender dancers and offers a safe and fun enviroment for all. Sabine is a veteran club operator and always provides first rate entertainments with music and fun for all. I got a few minutes to discuss her new club and today is her grand opening. this is what Sabs had to say about this new venue..

My new venture is a club called 'The Sapphire Lounge'.  In many ways, it will remind you of Transitions Cove, some of the same features, but more importantly - the same message.  Everyone is welcome and safe here.  We have some of the same staff returning, dancers and DJ's.  So excellent emoting and playful fun banter will once again be a staple in the SL club scene.
I hope you will be able to stop by - the Grand Opening is scheduled for Saturday the 25th from 4-8pm slt.  Tazzy will be heading up the first set, followed by Spydie!
Here is the link to join the VIP group so you will always know what is happening.  We will be having a 'Best in Blue' contest from 6-8.  

I think you will walk away impressed with the exclusive build, the friendliness of staff and fellow guests and will be happy you have added The Sapphire Lounge to your list of clubs!

Slurl for this new hangout .

And in case you wondering heres a couple shots of your hostess .

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