Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sᴀмᴀɴᴛнᴀ Dᴇᴍᴏɴɢᴇ

If you like blondes and blondes that have more curves than 15 miles of bad road look no farther than this lady right here . Sᴀмᴀɴᴛнᴀ Dᴇᴍᴏɴɢᴇ appears in this series and as you can clearly see shes got those curves.. I did a few shots of this lady in the past and thought it was time to bringher forward once again. Samantha is a porn star/ actress that has been seen in some recent shoots and a few films, so if  your looking for a blonde with those sexy curves look no farther. I hope you enjoy these as much as I have in producing them.

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