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Catching up with Partee

Here's a lady I met when she was very first starting out in adult modeling and has become an icon in the eyes of many followers . I finally got a chance to catch up with Miss Partee and see how it was going for her and this is what she had to say .. Enjoy !
How long have you been into adult modeling in sl, and can you give us a few updates on what you have currently been working on?

Well it has been about 3 solid years now.  Before that I had dabbled my toes in here and there in small ways but it was about 3 years when I went head first into it.  After that I never looked back!

As to projects I have my ongoing work as a fashion editor.  First, I started doing work for the magazine Lust.  Then I became the fashion editor for Provocative Magazine and then moved into the same role for Attention Magazine now coming up on a year.  I also do work for Miss Emily for the SL Porn group as well as guest photographer work for other magazines such as Aroused and Slut Magazines.

Any recent photo shoots or film projects? 

Just did a shoot of Racheal Rexen as princess of porn for Miss Emily.  Also was featured in a recent shoot for SL Confidential as well as recently featured in an effusive (and admittedly embarrassing)  encomium in Slut Magazine.  I am also always engaged in my own flickr work as well as appearing in shoots for others.
My one disappointment lately has been that I haven’t had much in the way of film projects lately.   It is something I always love doing and would never turn down!

What are some of your favorite experiences as an adult model?

The people.  I am just always amazed at the immense talent and grace embodied by so many that are in the business.   Every shoot has its challenges, but the professionalism and fortitude shown by others always encourages me to do my best. For example is is always a delight to work for Midnight himself.  He does amazing work and he has not been immune to my bending his ear a bit to ask how he accomplishes things.

Do you have any producers you currently work with?, if so who, and who are some of your favorites, and why?

Well I think I mentioned Midnight.  As to film work I have always loved working with Isa and Dillon Lecker.  For both I have appeared in their vids as well as created sets for them to use for their shoots.  Building sets is one of my favorite activities!  Dillon is always fun since he often paired me with the handsome and sexy Larry Vinear.  

What is one of your most memorable or favorite experience? please explain.

A couple of recent shoots in particular were both memorable and my favorites. Recently, and sadly, the magazine Busted which was run by Maggie Bluxome and then by Rachel Swallows closed up shop.  Rachel asked me to pose for her in her very last issue though I did not know it at the time that it was for the last issue. That was for the best since I think I would have cried throughout the shoot if I had known.  

Another shoot I did more recently for Rachel was also memorable since I was in the shoot with the utterly amazing Jennna Jameson!!!  She was utterly wonderful and Rachel did amazing job shooting the two of us for Slut Magazine.

What are some of your future goals, and plans for new stuff?

Future goals?  Well, I have the desire to actually start making mesh stuff like the incredible things created by the like of DRD, Apple Fall, Vespertine. Unfortunately I find it hard to find the time to get started.  That is also the case with dabbling in making my own videos.  

Is there anything you would like to try in adult modeling you haven't yet?

For videos I have some ideas I would like to try but again, until I can upload copies of my consciousness into Second Life, making my own vids seems a rather elusive target.

Do you have any models or producers you admire, if so who and why?

Oh my, there is Midnight and Rachel, Dillon , Jennna, and Isa.  There is one more on that list I simply have to include and that is the incredibly talented and productive Ali Lancrae, my Sis!  I am always very busy but she makes me look like a sloth!!  Anytime I get a chance to work with her she exudes the air of utter professionalism and poise.  

Do you have any advice or insight to pass on to future and upcoming models/actresses?

I think that this business is a mix of hard work and pure luck!  You have to cover your bases by making sure you have the look that people want.  But. beyond that, you have to always to listen and learn from others since so many have paved the way and are more than often willing to share what they know.

And it is important to be professional!  Be prepared for a shoot and try to anticipate the needs of the videographer/photographer. 

Do you have any links you would like to share to show some of your work ? please share.

Attention Magazine:

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