Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Catching up with Monique

Here's a model I met when she was starting out in the modeling business, and has since went on to be a busy model/actress. Monique LeFry appears in this series, and while I were working on her photos I got the chance to ask her how things have been going for her. 
How long have you been into adult modeling in sl , and can you give us a few updates on what you have currently been working on ?
I guess I have been in adult modeling for over a year now. Doesn't seem like that. Guess they say, time flies when you are having fun? This IS fun, right? ;-) In terms of things I am working on, I have recently been trying to get back to taking a few more pictures, and getting back into working on SX Magazine with Virgil after a brief hiatus. A few months is brief, really...

Any recent photo shoots or film projects?
I assume you mean other than THIS photo shoot. No bit significant shoots, but worked with my dear friend Zuby, Curty Dovgal who is being quite prolific recently. Athena and Marcus. In terms of movies, Dillon has been keeping me fairly busy, as well as working on a few recent episodes of Intergalactic Sluts for Emily, which is always a fun time and an honor.  

What are some of your favorite experiences as an adult model ?
Really, modeling is fun and I like to show off the work that I have put into my appearance, but it is the people you meet and interact with that is truly special in this scene. 

Do you have any producers you currently work with? , if so who, and who are some of your favorites, and why ?
I covered a bit of that above in recent project I guess. I have to admit that working with Dillon is always a high point, not only for his similar sense of humor and his approach to work (fly by the seat of the pants), but also for the great cast mates he often has that for some reason seem to appreciate my incessant blabbering on set.

What is one of your most memorable or favorite experience? please explain
I would have to say one of my first Sunday Yana beach parties. It was a good group, great banter in chat, and I started to really feel at home in the porn community. There is a deeper reason why that party was special to me, but those that need to know about that, do. 

What are some of your future goals, and plans for new stuff?
I am always interested in working for producers that feel I have the right qualities for a role in their movies. I will also hopefully continue to push myself in my own work and continue to try and evolve my photography skills.

Is there anything you would like to try in adult modeling you haven't yet?
I have to admit, I REALLY want to drive a vehicle in a movie... I have heard it is a .. difficult task. And low and behold, 3 hours after I write this answer, I got my wish! So, moving on, in terms of the more explicit variety, I have to say there are still some things I have yet to do that I think could be interesting. Things a little more on the BDSM side, I haven't explored that much. Perhaps a scene with multiple cocks involved.

Do you have any models or producers you admire, if so who and why ?
I admire many of the veterans in the community with how effortless they make things seem, always covering the details, and their depth of knowledge in tools and ability to assist the photographer and director in capturing the perfect scene. And I am always amazed at how someone like Katina can always put together a new, unique, detailed and stunning look for any given role.
In terms of photographers I have a deep appreciate for the talents of people like Zuby Butt-Gloom, Sasquatch Rhino, Nicasio Ansar. The list could go on. From concept to scene creation to lighting to post-processing, it shows me how much I still have to learn when I work with them. I am also trying to broaden my horizons, so to speak, to include the work of people less ingrained in the porn community, like Oakley Foxtrot, Claudia Orsini, ARnnO PLAneR etc...

Do you have any advice or insight to pass on to future and upcoming models/actresses?
Be your own advocate, and have the right attitude. I.e. be respectful and friendly and outgoing, and be PATIENT! Even once you are "known", sometimes you are busy, sometimes you are in a drought. So make sure you are doing things that you enjoy.

Do you have any links you would like to share to show some of your work ? please share .
Well, my own paltry offerings as a photographer are here:

For some work done by others, please check out:

Finally, for a number of reasons, this is one of my most memorable endeavors being part of a movie:
Women of Fire Valley, by Dillon Lecker:

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  1. Thanks so much for another awesome set of photos and the chat. :-)


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