Sunday, January 29, 2017

Introducing Laurel Kink

A brand new face to the gallery and a new and aspiring porn star. Introducing Laurel Kink. I ran across this sexy lady in a group chat asking how to get her start in SL porn and thought why not. Upon meeting her I thought wow what a discovery. Curves for miles and a winning personality, an combination that,s hard to beat. Here's a few stats on this lovely new face that is currently available for your projects.
Name: Laurelkink

Rezz day: 1/19/2013 (4yrs or 1470)

What country are you from?: USA / Texas

Star sign: Libra

Favorite color?: Blue

Favorite movie/TV show?: Breaking Bad

Favorite song?: Work B*tch 

Favorite place in sl?: DeLust

Favorite store?: Blueberry

Describe your perfect date?: Nothing too formal. Something light and fun with a good meal and plenty of stuff to laugh at ^^

What is your favorite sexual position?: Doggie

What brought you to sl?: I saw it on the Office in one episode and thought I'd try it out. Once I saw what I could do here and realized I could be who I want I never looked back. Being a mom and wife IRL is a blessing but holds me back from exploring my wild side. SL gives me that enabling power. 

What is your favorite thing to do in sl?: Meet new kinky people and learn more about myself through them.

Who do you admire?: My mom. She put up with terrible amounts of abuse from my stepdad who abused us kids. She stayed strong and kept us alive, healthy, happy, and together. I love you!

What is your special talent?: I feel like I have many talents but particularly subject to SL? I have a great eye for what looks good in mine and other's avi's. I work hard with my clients in my beauty consultant business to better SL one avi at a time in converting them from standard avi's to mesh then giving them a makeover. I've spent countless hours improving and modifying my avi to the point where I feel she's complete....for now ;). Another talent I feel is special...and kinky is my ability to switch with others. I am both a Mistress and submissive and feel I possess the talent to immediately turn one off based on the interaction of the person I'm with. I love D/s so if you're interested hit me up ;) 

Tell us a little about your personality?: I'm kind of a dork! Lol. I'm a carefree girl that loves new experiences and new people. I fall for people a little too quickly and am still looking for my Miss Perfect. I'm VERY MUCH into rubber/ latex, sensual bondage, and adopt a kinky fetishist lifestyle (hmu if you're curious). 

Tell us a little about your SL experiences: If you are still needing more from what I've already written then fine ^^ experiences here have mainly been fun and incredible. I've been blessed to know some amazing people here and love my friends so much. There have been times of great disappointment and sorrow, but fortunately they've been outweighed by the happiness and thrill I find from logging in and letting my mind wander ;)

Do you have any links to share? i.e flikr , blog ect?

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