Thursday, November 3, 2016

Introducing Andrea Stark

Here's a fresh face to the gallery. A dark haired beauty with the smoldering look and legs for days Miss Andrea Stark appears in this series. As always I'm searching for new faces and new talents, and stumbled upon this lady . Andrea is beginning her journey into adult modeling and is most interested in pin up and centerfold style stuff to start. So with that in mind I put this set together and gathered a few stats for future sessions. I hope you enjoy these as much as i have in putting them together.
Name: Andrea Stark 

Rezz day: 30/06/2013

What country are you from?:  UK 

Star sign: Tarus 

Favorite color?: Blue 

Favorite movie/TV show?: Bones / Csi Miami / hawaii 50 / walking dead ect  big bang 

Favorite song?: on the road again ( willie nelson ) 

Favorite place in sl?: beaches and oceans sailing around the continants 

Favorite store?: market place quality stores 

Describe your perfect date?: someware romantic nice music and ending with a moonlight sail 

What is your favorite sexual position?: grins pleads 5th 

What brought you to sl?: to be totally honest a advert on a BDSM web page 

What is your favorite thing to do in sl?: sail  and fly 

Who do you admire?: all these wonderfull builders who make sl so great for us less talented people  my boat maker for 1 

What is your special talent?: working on increaseing photo skills by modeling and learning form people 

Tell us a little about your personality?: 

Tell us a little about your SL experiences  3rd time around so its been a mixed bag but lifes good now i avoid all the drama and just enjoy it for what it is , a escape and relax from a a high pressure rl job

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