Thursday, October 27, 2016

Catching up with Sunday

I recently met up with Sunday at a party and thought hey she would be a great interview for this series, so we set up a session and I got to ask her a few questions about where her modeling has taken and where she may be going next. Sunday is more of a fashion model but has some roots in the adult modeling industry in sl . Here's what she has to say about whats new with her.
How long have you been into adult modeling in sl , and can you give us a few updates on what you have currently been working on ?

-- 8 months in adult modeling and porn.
-- I am currently  working on non porn modeling, more fashion side. 

Any recent photo shoots or film projects?
I have done Friday 20th October a Gallery at Yana's club.

What are some of your favorite experiences as an adult model ?

My 1st movie with Saffo , it was fun and I lerned a lot too. 

Do you have any producers you currently work with? , if so who, and who are some of your favorites, and why ?
I use to work with Isabelle Chevriot  (DogStar).

What is one of your most memorable or favorite experience? please explain 
My 3rd  movie with Isa , I discover an other way to make movie and I had a big 
surprise when I saw the result too.

What are some of your future goals, and plans for new stuff?
Maybe a new photo gallery with new things more interactive. 

Is there anything you would like to try in adult modeling you haven't yet?

Do you have any models or producers you admire, if so who and why ?
I do really like Carla work she is very talented even , it is too naughty for me sometimes.

Do you have any advice or insight to pass on to future and upcoming models/actresses?

Try to be good and to stay yourself too. 

Do you have any links you would like to share to show some of your work ? please share .

My Flickr:

Best Performer of the Month:
An exemple of photo session with me for dogstar:

My Movies :

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