Saturday, October 22, 2016

Catching up to Marika

After a few days of playing catch up I managed to catch up with Aroused magazines very own Marika Blaisdale. We had a very cool photo session and caught up on what this lovely model has been up to in SL . 
How long have you been into adult modeling in sl , and can you give us a few updates on what you have currently been working on ?
Over 2 years now. I am active in many areas. Photography, movies, adult magazines. Every month I am working on new magazine issue, what means I got quite many pics to make, some people to interview and I am really busy at moments... But I a the person that never gets enough, so there will be more from me, I am sure.

Any recent photo shoots or film projects? 
Photo shoots all the time. For my magazine, for blogs I contribute to or just because I am in mood to take a pic. Working also on some movie project at the moment, it will be my biggest one so far, but it's still to early to talk about it.

What are some of your favorite experiences as an adult model ?
I love to pose for other photographers and see how they see me through their own lens. I always loved 'print' works, pose for magazines too.

Do you have any producers you currently work with? , if so who, and who are some of your favorites, and why ?
Most I work on is my own stuff. There are plenty of photographers I like, but I prefer not to give names, I don't like to miss anyone. I am currently photographer for Dog Star Productions Blog and Attention Magazine, if you consider them sort of producers.

What is one of your most memorable or favorite experience? please explain 
I quite good remember my first moments in adult industry, it's been very exciting. Actually, it still is, but that's different thing when you do something for the very first time.

What are some of your future goals, and plans for new stuff?
For now these would be keeping up work on magazine, extending its content. Also I focused on the movie project I mentioned earlier, I'd wish to go with it as quick as possible.
The never ending goal is to learn more about SL photography and pictures editing, of course.

Is there anything you would like to try in adult modeling you haven't yet?
I am open to most things. I got my limits, but I am pretty versatile if it's about adult modeling. For example, privately I am top, but for modeling I have no problem being bottom.

Do you have any models or producers you admire, if so who and why ?
Like I said before, I'd prefer not to give names. Slowly I am working on it to get to know those I want to collaborate with. You're good example. :)

Do you have any advice or insight to pass on to future and upcoming models/actresses?
If you want to be in porn, be sure you got tight ass. Do your stuff and make sure you have fun with it, otherwise it's gonna be another full time job.

Do you have any links you would like to share to show some of your work ? please share .

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  1. Thank you Midnight! Lovely set of pics, it's been pleasure to pose :)


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