Monday, January 18, 2016

Introducing Ilse

A brand new face to the gallery .. Introducing the very lovely Ilse . this lady contacted me interested in the SL porn industry and as you can see is built for action. Here are a few stats for interested producers. I hope you enjoy these as much as i have in creating them.
Name: Ilse (Ilseray)

Rezz day: 06 January 2015

What country are you from?:  The Netherlands

Star sign: Twins

Favorite color?: Orange

Favorite movie/TV show?: The Originals (at the moment)

Favorite song?: A team

Favorite place in sl?: Any great shop and all erotic places

Favorite store?: Bluebird

Describe your perfect date?: In this world having a drink in a nice bar, followed by erotic display in a nice club. And always a good conversation when I relax

What is your favorite sexual position?: any way when with a confident strong yet sensitive man

What brought you to sl?: My RL boyfriend, to sometimes extend our play 

What is your favorite thing to do in sl?: being displayed and erotic posing. Next I can spend hours shopping

Who do you admire?: my boyfriend

What is your special talent?: I have a good voice

Tell us a little about your personality?:  I am a happy girl, confident and sportive. Still I have chosen to enter into a D/s relation with my boyfriend. Because I can.

Tell us a little about your SL experiences Just started with a first shoot after a long time thinking about it. I think I want more.

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