Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Month of Movember comes to MidnightSun Studios


Larry Vinaver

Its that time of the month where you will see gentlemen galore donning there moustache for  Movember....ive been doing this on a yearly basis and its always been nice how the variety can be, so  why not grow your own moustache and come be a part of  Movember with Midnightsun, you find a location for me also andi will come to you also if need be....

So on my 1st of November I have Larry  providing us with his style and I was happy to say I had captured him when he got his new skin also at the time.  Larry thank you for  joining in Movember and i hope you enjoy 

Movember Link

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  1. Great set of pictures. It is a privilege to assist, thanks to Jewell.


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