Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Movember Day 3 - SiliconVyDude or Sil

What better way than on a cold November day, we being our self  some warmth once more with the ever so lovely Sil, it amazes me just how long ive been wanting him in front of my camera for possible 3 yrs but it simply has not happened due cross overs and missing one another or just life simply hehe... But I grabbed him one  morning and well he was sleepy and i was bright as a button - yeah sometimes also time zones can suck big time and i never like to rush photo shoots.  Thank you for  being in Movember Sil, and lets hope  next time i grab ya it wont take so long :)



  1. These are truly wonderful pictures. Thank you for the fantastic work. They exceeded my wildest expectations. And I'll be happy to shoot with you anytime. :-)

  2. Your welcome, plus i had a bunch of photos of this one hehe but wanted to pick onlt 4 :) and yus i will be grabbing you for sure hehe hugs



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