Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Adventure Continues: ZeppZander

As my adventures in sl continue and I meet new and different people each day, ZeppZander comes along. I met Zepp at a photo shoot at orgy beach and after a day of talking and fun we decided to get together for some hott times after the shoot. Zepp is a fellow photographer and producer and is quite the lover as well.. This amazingly built man turned me all directions during the shoot, and i finished him in classic style. Here are a few hilights of our first encounter, and possibly not our last, as this man is quite the gentleman as well..

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Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Three Graces

Antonio Canova’s statue The Three Graces is a Neoclassical sculpture, in marble, of the mythological three charites, daughters of Zeus – identified on some engravings of the statue as, from left to right, EuphrosyneAglaea and Thalia - who were said to represent beauty, charm and joy. The Graces presided over banquets and gatherings primarily to entertain and delight the guests of the gods. As such they have always proved to be attractive figures for historical artists including Sandro Botticelli and Bertel Thorvaldsen.

Models: - Rachel Avro, Urmeli Ellisson and Jewell Infinity

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Jennifer Darwin

Here's a lady I haven't modeled in well over a year now.. Miss Jennifer Darwin appears in this series, and as you can see she has plenty of pleasant curves to enjoy. Look for more of this lovely lady as she reappears in the near future..

Monday, August 17, 2015

The Man of Midnight - Midnight

In the Midnight hour, we want more more more, yes i had that tune wrapped in my mind for a moment and just had to write it down hehe

So even though we all know Midnight and ive certainly done plenty of pics of him from time to time, but i can just say the first time i did a set of him was way back 3 years ago and he kinda made me nervous especially when i decided to do a set of him in the Sky...I didnt know what i would do and was based on 10 male poses i had bought but as time goes on and anyways :) 

So I finally did a new set of him, he has also gave himself a brand new mesh body look this one looks super good on him, and still has his look, he has been going back and forth checking out various looks never touching the one thankfully that every guy goes to first it seems.

Dragged him into the sea and played with him in the sea, and what can i say i just love a hairy man, something to nuzzle into thats for sure *winks*

Well known photographer and owner of The Midnight Sun Studio who always has eye down the lens capturing all the ladies and showing them off to the masses, busy busy DJ at the Wet Peach and  cranks out the most awesome tunes as well, what more do you need but to listen to great music while  getting naughty.

Hope you all love this set as much as i enjoyed taking them  *smiles* oh and mmm can i say "damn"

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Two hot and sexy Females

Let me introduce you to my two latest sets.

The first one is the unique and wonderful Jewell Infinity, with whom I had the pleasure to shoot earlier in the week.

Blogged here: Gothly Photography Blog

And full set on Flickr: Offer and Conquer Set

The next gorgeous lady I had the pleasure to shot with this week is Kai Dover (Kailee Soulstar). With whom I made a sunset set in which she glowed in all her splendor. One of my favorite pin up models in a long time!

Blogged here: Gothly Photography Blog

And full set on Flickr: Sunset Babe Set

I hope you all enjoy this lovely ladies as much as I did!


Sunday, August 2, 2015

James Wolfgang

It had actually been a while since i had James in front of the camera so it was nice to grab him and as promised include him in the series i have been running..Long time it has been and he is a busy guy with many things on the thank you and you all enjoy

Add an Ace

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