Sunday, July 19, 2015

Welcome to my Adventures

Hello everyone . I would love to introduce myself. I am a new creator for the Midnightsun and will be sharing some of my adventures with you all as i travel thru the world of sl porn . I am a dancer, and escort as well as an actress and model , and have silently stood back in the sl porn star world for the past couple years and watched and learned, appearing in occasional pictures and a couple of films along the way. I'm thinking its time for me to show some of my style to the world and hope you enjoy , My first official set is one i did to reflect my sometimes domme streak. Posing for me on this series is Mr Jackson of Jacksons Gems , he thought he had control but soon found out what he had to do to make me smile. I hope you enjoy these as much as I had Im putting them together for you and I look forward to many dirty fun hardcore sessions as I go. To work with me however I have a simple rule be real and be fun and the rest will come together. Please follow me on Flikr as well, and lets have some naughty sexy fun shall we.. 
Kisses to all 
Bette Paige 

My flikr address is such !

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