Saturday, May 30, 2015

Second Life Events

Coming Soon in June

So I look forward to really good events in Second Life...Im an Avid Hunter and used to do like 20 hunts a month, but slowed down and not been doing as many as i want to, also i enjoy going to the Fairs that come up on us quickly at times..including such things as Hair Fair, Pose Fair, Cosmetics  Fair, Skin which you always get many exclusives...but ive seen so many events fall upon us so fast that sometimes we all tend to miss them if we are not paying attention.

So i want to list a few of those soon to be Fairs and Events for the next month and as it is during the Summer time i can highly recommend trying as much as possible...

In a way its a good thing as it is one way to find all these small and unique places that sometimes you can never get to which can be such a shame as there is stunning places to visit.

So lets start shall we

Alice in Sexyland - Date 12th - 26th June

We all like and enjoy a bit of kink in our life whether it be in Real or in Second Life and for anyone who says they dont, they you for sure do not know what your missing smiles, its good to indulge and below is the blog site for those wanting to indulge and furthermore 


When is it

First month of June


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