Sunday, April 12, 2015

Introducing : Dea Santis

Introducing Miss Dea Santis in this series. Dea is a fellow photographer, and an aspiring model with a long history in sl. If you are looking for a new face with experience here are the stats on this lovely new addition to the gallery.
ame: Dea Santis

Rezz day:  1st March 2012

What country are you from?:  Sweden

Star sign:  Leo

Favorite color?:  Red

Favorite movie/TV show?:    Game of Thrones

Favorite song?:  Right now Wild Side by Motley Crue

Favorite place in sl?: have no real fav plac sorry

Favorite store?:  same as above. most fav places and stores i had in the past are gone.

Describe your perfect date?: A Perfect date would be at a sea marina in the sunset just be together cuddling.

What is your favorite sexual position?:  on top always :)

What brought you to sl?:  Curiosity

What is your favorite thing to do in sl?:  Party and just hang around. and to take pics. Maybe i have to add posing for others too *smiles*

Who do you admire?: people who do extraordinary things. Things i dont think i could do myself.

What is your special talent?:  Photographing (well i hope people like it)

Tell us a little about your personality?:  I hope people see me as i want to be seen, As calm, friendly and i often like to cheer things up.  I like to be happy or at least content. If other take me wrong i often leave it as it is and go on.

Tell us a little about your SL experiences
wow i owned several clubs far in the past. I have worked as stripper, escort, wrestler, and now photographer.

Do you have any links to share? i.e flikr , blog ect?
I got my flickr

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