Thursday, March 5, 2015


Introducing a young fresh face to the gallery.. Miss TerriToplss appears in this set.. This actress /model is now available for castings, Take a look at these pics and you will see an amazingly well done avatar.. Here are a few of her stats... Enjoy !
Name: Terri Topliss
Rezz day: 02/17/2015
What country are you from?: New Zealand
Star sign: Cancer
Favorite color?: Red!
Favorite movie/TV show?: Movie - Princess Bride. TV Show - Castle
Favorite song?: Who wants to live forever - Queen
Favorite place in sl?: The Sirens Gulf. RLV traps, forced nudity and sex, what's not to love right?
Favorite store?: SUGAR mesh Apparel - Mesh dresses for us bustier girls, I love it!
Describe your perfect date?: Cuddled up in from of the TV in the dark watching a romantic comedy followed by making out and a then sex on the couch till we fall asleep.
What is your favorite sexual position?: For receiving, Cowgirl, I like being on top. For giving.. let me put my face between your legs... Oh, and I never could go past a good 69!
What brought you to sl?: A friend told me is was fun, now I'm hooked.
What is your favorite thing to do in sl?: I roleplay a lot, socialize and dance, Oh, and sex, I can never have too much sex.
Who do you admire?: Hilary Clinton and Helen Clarke, both strong women and world leaders.
What is your special talent?: I'm not sure I have any special talents, I do a lot of things well, but aren't the best at any of them. I do give really good hugs though. :D
Tell us a little about your personality?: I like to think that I am fun and bubbling, outgoing. I tend to be loyal and caring and I am willing to listen as well as talk.
Tell us a little about your SL experiences: I've met a lot of great people, some not so great ones. I enjoy exploring, finding new places and seeing the creativity of the builders.
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