Monday, February 23, 2015

Olympia de Foix

as always am searching new talent and today i ran across a relatively new face. Introducing Miss Olympia de Foix. This stunning lady has more curves than an appalachian 2 lane in Pensylvania. Here are a few stats. Enjoy !
Name: Olympia Hoxley
Rezz day: 2009-12-23
What country are you from?: Spain
Star sign: Sagittarius
Favorite color?: Pink ( Red also)
Favorite movie/TV show?:   My Life Without Me, Amèlie, Avatar, The Lord of the Rings/ ...'s Got Talent
Favorite song?:  The Final Countdown - Europe
Favorite place in sl?:  Tempura
Favorite store?:  Boudoir
Describe your perfect date?: In a beach or a mountain top under the moonlight
What is your favorite sexual position?:  Missionary ( The classic is the best sometimes )  I like doggy too, it depends on the moment.
What brought you to sl?:  Honestly? Ok., a teacher.  Seriously!.
What is your favorite thing to do in sl?:  Socializing, exploring, going to concerts, modelling, taking pics  , fun.
Who do you admire?:  A few friends who are authentic, nice people and artists. Luckylula Resident, angyberenice Resident, Graham Collinson ( between others)
What is your special talent?: Art. Drawing, Make up, Image Consulting, and Music (Singing, Dancing)
Tell us a little about your personality?:  I am original, spontaneous,creative, impulsive, stubborn, open-minded , tempered, selective so that's why I can be warm and affectionate or not. Honest m super sensitive but strong at the same time.
Tell us a little about your SL experiences.  I'm  the most of times around my friends in im or with them, exploring, meeting new people, looking for sl news, shopping, creating my outfits and helping  others the best ways I can.
Do you have any links to share?
(But I don't upload often so it's not too updated, trying to soon)


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