Monday, December 1, 2014

DJ Ted

Heres a guy I rather enjoy going to listen to. He spins a mix of rock and roll from classic rock to modern and loves the hair band era. He hit me up for a few pics and an intro to SL. If you love rock music and your a morning person this guy is one to spend your coffee time with . He will definitely satisfy your need for rock and roll to start your day. Catch him mornings at the Wet Peach club . Here's a few stats for the ladies .. Enjoy
Name: FyreLykan Draconia (DJ Teddy Wolf)
Rezz day:  2/21/2010
What country are you from?:  USA
Star sign:  Cancer
Favorite color?:  Royal Blue
Favorite movie/TV show?:  Spinal Tap, Supernatural
Favorite song?:  anything by KISS, otherwise so many good ones
Favorite place in sl?:  The Wet Peach Club, anywhere with my rl/SL wife
Favorite store?: OD Designs
Describe your perfect date?: candlelit dinner,  loving chats in her ear, then hot love making in a nice bubblebath with my wife
What is your favorite sexual position?:  69
What brought you to sl?:
 My wife
What is your favorite thing to do in sl?:
DJin and meeting new people
Who do you admire?:
My parents, grandparents. anyone who is having a rough go of it and still is happy.
What is your special talent?:
Making friends fast n being "real" even on SL
Tell us a little about your personality?:
I am fun loving, compassionate, music lover, funny and smarter than I let on
Tell us a little about your SL experiences
wow, well I had a few friends when i joined now i have alot, friendship is lifes best experiences in my eyes


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