Friday, December 5, 2014

Club Seductione

Club Seductione is having its grand opening this weekend. The newest and complete hangout for the aspiring porn star , actor, actress, and model, If you enjoy erotica , discussion forums, music and events , this will be the place to go . Grand opening is December 7 and here is the line up events for the day. Remember to get seen and prosper in the porn communities; attend events be seen and socialize as much as possible. The more you interact the more work you will find.
Seductione Grand Opening  December 5-7th, 2014
Land will be open this weekend, after that will require group tag access. Tags can be bought for 500L
All Weekends Events  Listed Below:
The great Daimanju Clowes is doing an exhibition of his photography here in our Garden Area. We are showcasing his work and they are for sell, for a great price. We also will be raffling a chance to have your photo done by him, tickets are only 100L each and you can buy up to 5 chances to win. Don't miss this opportunity to check his work out or even win.
8-10 pm SLT
Feat. DJ Kat Monroe.

Cum as you are.
Winner for the first round of trivia wins a group tag. (500L value)
Random give aways complements of Something Erotic Props and Poses.
Fun photo booth
and pure hotness.
Come down and celebrate our grand opening with an amazing party!
2-4 pm SLT
Erotic Reading
It's story time. Come down and be pampered by Seductione SR. Let your senses be enticed by erotica read by some of the most beautiful people in SL.
Submit your own stories to be read, or even submit yourself to entice the crowd.

6-8 pm SLT
Freaks & Fetishes
Feat. DJ Axiom
Lets get to know each other! Show us your dark side your naughty side and what really turns you on.
Are you a Dom a Sub? Do you like S&M Do you enjoy leather lace or even latex? Are you a masochist or a dirty little pain slut? Now is the time to let your freak flag fly. No shame in your game come down to Seductione SR and meet other people who are interested in meeting new people and exploring new things. Push the envelope with us.
We will be giving away one VIP membership to the club, a five hundred linden.

9-11 pm SLT
Coed Clothing optional Karaoke party
Do you wanna be a rock star? Do you write poetry or erotica Come down and get creative or rock out with your cock out or jam with your clam out ...  We promise, that your late night will be nothing less the entertaining and who knows, we might even give you a surprise :)
Be there !
Sunday :
10-11 am SLT
Community Discussion
What's Cheating?
When you're in a alternative lifestyle relationship what constitutes cheating?
What are your hard limits and rules?
How do you make it work?
Are you open do you swing or do you just play?
Come down and meet each other get to know the rules of your own relationship and other members
of our community. 

2-4 pm SLT
Seductione SR Pool Party
 Dj Midnight
Show off those tight asses and toned abs. Lay by the pool soaking up the sun, recovering from a weekend of parties and debauchery.  You don't want to miss all the fun. We will have truth ball and other games along with amazing music and as always a great atmosphere.
Free Give Aways
Amazing music
and the hottest party on the grid



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