Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Beach Shoot with the Lovely Traci Quandry

So my last post was a story board of sorts that featured myself and a wonderful male model, Dillon Lecker in a mysterious nighttime fantasy scene.  It's titled, What Would You Do, so if you haven't read it yet, you can just look through old posts until you find it.  It was an enjoyable shoot and I was really proud of the results.

Posting here on The MidnightSun has given me so many new opportunities to meet all sorts of beautiful models/actors who are willing to sit and pose for me while I fiddle with my camera and lens.

Traci Quandry was the most recent person I've had the chance and pleasure to work with.  She is a striking transgendered beauty and agreed to bare it all for a beach scene where she and I posed together.  

Because my last post was dark and edgy, I wanted this want to be full of softness and light.  And I wanted to capture Traci in that way as she was just an amazing model to work with.

Things got a little more steamy, and all the clothes came off.

These final two pictures below I find very interesting...Because both are the same pose.  The first one posted was the way I meant for it to turn out, but I also accidentally hit my camera control and turned my angle....I was lagging pretty terribly with my settings up so high and got a very strange looking close up.  It was a complete accident, but a happy accident.  I think the lighting and the softness of that angle was quite stunning.  And is probably one of my favorites of the entire shoot.

Accidental Angle below.

As always, I do these photoshoots for no charge because it makes me happy to be creative.  If you would like to work with me, let me know.  I will only take photos when I'm feeling the creativity inside of me, so there will be some days I just won't be up to it...but I will at least put you on my contact list and be in touch when I am ready to play.  :-)

Hope you enjoyed these!

Contact me in-world as Occasus Jayaram

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