Thursday, December 11, 2014

AlluringDove Resident

Another brand new face to the gallery. Introducing Miss AlluringDove Resident . Aspiring model Miss AlluringDove shows us she has what it takes. If you are seeking an African skinned model with all the right proportions this lady is available. Here are a few stats. Enjoy !
Name:  Ally Garwood a.k.a Ally Cat
Rezz day:  6/02/2013
What country are you from?:  United States
Star sign:  Capricorn
Favorite color?:   Black
Favorite movie/TV show?:  American Dad
Favorite song?:   Always with me, always with you
Favorite place in sl?:  Currently, Homeless Rape Slut Warehouse
Favorite store?: N/A
Describe your perfect date?:  Getting dragged about by the hair to whatever the person I am dating leads me. Long as things do not get too romantic.
What is your favorite sexual position?:  I cannot pick one, I like them all.
What brought you to sl?:  Hearing that it was better than IMVU.
What is your favorite thing to do in sl?:  Roleplay and pose.
Who do you admire?:  Kristey Menges
What is your special talent?:  Making people comfortable. It's a gift what can I say :)
Tell us a little about your personality?:  I am a bubbly, warm hearted, and soft spoken sort of girl. I like to think of myself as a sweetheart since there is not many that I do not get along with.  Like most I do have a bit of a temper but it is a brief thing and takes a lot to bring it out. Not much for romance but  hey that is just me.
Tell us a little about your SL experiences: There is not much to tell really. If I am not on a gorean sim. I am surely somewhere posing or off rping on a not so nice sim. So have not done much other than roleplay and posing.
Do you have any links to share? i.e flikr , blog ect? Not at the moment.


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