Sunday, November 30, 2014

What would you do?

Ever since I posted my introductory blog post, I've been meeting lots of amazing, beautiful and sexy people in SL who I hope to have the chance to work with in the near future.  One such model I met was a guy named Dillon Lecker who was gracious enough to stand for quite a few hours while I fiddled away with second life camera, lighting and shadows.  I wanted to create a story...almost like a story board and I think we were able to accomplish that.  Read below.  Warning:  It gets very erotic and hot!

Ever wonder what you would do if you met a sexy stranger in a dark alley in the middle of the night? Well, it's always been a secret fantasy of mine to imagine it going a little like this.....

She's walking home late at night and takes a shortcut through a dark, dimly lit alley.  She knows she shouldn't.  She's heard it's dangerous.  But she's in a hurry so she takes a chance.  That's when she sees him.  He peers at her, looking directly into her eyes.  She feels pinned to the spot.  Neither individual speaks.  He licks his lips, eyes still on her.  She bites her lower lip, running her fingers through her hair a bit nervously.

He unzips his shirt, removing it.  The cool night air making his nipples stand erect.   She looks down and realizes that his nipples aren't the only thing standing at attention.  Should she run? She feels pinned to the spot.  All of a sudden, they hear a motor, and see the dim light of headlights getting brighter...coming closer.

"Get down!" He says in a gruff tone, pulling her to the floor and sheltering her with his body.  The headlights turn and go down another road.  She whispers in a hushed tone, "I think it's gone." 

She is suddenly aware of how close they are.  She smells his cologne, the scent igniting her.  He pulls her up to their feet and pushes her roughly against the wall, lifting her arms above her head as he removes her top.  She doesn't need any more prodding, and though every fiber of her rational mind tells her to run away and never look back, she removes her pants, watching him as he removes his as well.  He looks into her eyes.  He knows that for the next few minutes or hours, that this girl is his.  She wants to be taken.

Suddenly she's doing things she never imagined she'd do with a complete stranger.  

He grabs her arm, pulling her into him, and kisses her hard, tongue swirling against hers, claiming her.  He rummages behind some crates and finds an old rusty chain.  He uses it to secure her wrists, finding a place to sit on an old wooden box and pulls her onto him, straddling him, as he plunges deeply into her.

And then just as soon as it starts, it's over.  He releases into her, their bodies trembling violently against each other.  He pushes her off his lap and gets dressed, then stands, propped up as he watches her with a smirk on his face as he tries to re-clothe her nakedness in an attempt to regain some dignity. 

She walks away wordlessly.  No names were exchanged.  No phone numbers given.  She knows she will ever see him again.  But the memory of this evening will stay with her forever.

The End.

I hope you all enjoyed!  Hit me up in world if you are interested in working together.  My name is Occasus Jayaram.

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