Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Talisker Braveheart

Ok ladies we continue on with our Men of SL series for no shave November with Talisker Braveheart. In case you would like to know a little more about this gentleman I asked his the standard questions.
Name: Talisker Braveheart
Rezz day: 09/13/2008
What country are you from?: Sweden
Star sign: Capricorn
Favorite color?: Orange
Favorite movie/TV show?: I don't watch TV.
Favorite song?: So many good songs but AC/DC Thunderstruck to mention one on the heavier side.
Favorite place in sl?: My home at the moment, trying to improve as a photographer.
Favorite store?: Mostly marketplace.
Describe your perfect date?: Sunset, waves, camp fire and the girl of my dreams.
What is your favorite sexual position?: Girl on top.
What brought you to sl?: An article in a Swedish news paper.
What is your favorite thing to do in sl?: Photography at the moment and also trying to make my own poses. Exploring all the nice places people put effort into.
I have also been building a lot earlier but almost stopped as it took too much time.
Who do you admire?: Not one person but all the people trying to fight and stop Ebola from being widely spread.
What is your special talent?: A quick learner.
Tell us a little about your personality?: I'm kind of shy and quiet before I get to know people but when you get to know me will you find a funny and true friend.
I also have way too much patience fiddling with all kind of things for many hours when most people would give up after 3.15 min.
This Model/Photographer is available for booking and casts..

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