Monday, November 3, 2014

New face Miss Krystal Riegn Poole

A special set of photos i recently did for Miss Krystal Reign Poole. Krystal is Madame at the wet peach adults only club and has an interest in modeling. So here we go guys i asked her what she would say to describe herself and she replied.
Krystal Reign Poole
The Naughty Wood Elf Owner of The Wet Peach Club
Married to CLayboTGW who's my RL/SL husband I am a RL studio Session Singer and a mother of four, I
enjoy being naughty in SL and a killer in other video games I'm not shy nor am I modest,
I enjoy classic rock and metal music and a good porno movie, I love sex I'm a down right nympho
Not only does she dance she is also available for photo shoots . She looks great would'nt you agree? You can catch this beauty running events in her club The Wet Peach Adults only club!



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