Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mr Dai

November is for the guys ! No shave November or Movember as its also called it to raise awareness to male prostate cancer.. My first model in this series is Mr Dai. Porn veteran , Photographer. For those that don't already know this fella here is a lil info about him ..

Name: Daimaju Clowes
Rezz day: 06/22/2008
What country are you from?: Germany
Star sign: Pisces
Favorite color?: Black
Favorite movie/TV show?: How i met your mother
Favorite song?: HIM - Buried Alive By Love
Favorite place in sl?: Home sweet home
Favorite store?: Does marketplace count?
Describe your perfect date?: A romantic tête-à-tête in a small café . I'm very oldfashioned in that case.
What is your favorite sexual position?: Having the woman riding on me...i just enjoy the view of her beauty to the fullest.
What brought you to sl?: curiosity
What is your favorite thing to do in sl?: Digging the marketplace for anything awesome i don't have already (though my cart most of the times is filled with more presents for the ones close to me than stuff for my self)
Who do you admire?: All those women out there able to put up with us men and all our weird ways we are like!
What is your special talent?: It's being able to see a picture done in my mind before i even started working on the pose for it.
Tell us a little about your personality?: I would give my last shirt for a friend, help where i can, listen when its needed to, it is totally hard for me to say no and i am happy when i make others way more happy than my self.....though i have a very high temper and tempt to say straight what i think....sorry in advance.
Producers and Photographers Note this gentleman is for casting ..

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