Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Another new face to my gallery. Introducing Kalika ; this young lady applied a while back and I had not had the opportunity to catch up to her until recently. These shots come out amazing as this lady is highly photogenic. Heres her stats! Enjoy!
Name: ĸɑʟiĸɑ
Rezz day: 06/17/2008
What country are you from?: Canada
Star sign: Sagittarius
Favorite color?: Red
Favorite movie/TV show?: Love Actually and The 100
Favorite song?: Unconditionally by Katy Perry
Favorite place in sl?: Hm... well, there's this beautiful dance place I love to go to called Cloud Dancers.
Favorite store?: For hair it would be TRUTH. For clothes, probably Envious.
Describe your perfect date?: A long walk on the beach in the moonlight.. maybe dancing under the stars.
What is your favorite sexual position?: Cowgirl!
What brought you to sl?: Wanted an escape from my RL at the time, then I fell in love with it.
What is your favorite thing to do in sl?: I love to take pictures and model.
Who do you admire?: Hmm... in SL? Vivian Eris. In RL? My mother.
What is your special talent?: I don't actually know that I have one...
Tell us a little about your personality?: I'm clumsy, somewhat shy at first, fun, loving, a dreamer, and fiercely loyal..
Tell us a little about your SL experiences: Not a whole lot to mention really, I've met some amazing people on here, people who have come and gone, I met my best friend here, I've fallen in love, been hurt many times..
Do you have any links to share? i.e flikr , blog ect?


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