Thursday, November 6, 2014

Casey Tisane

A lady I haven't photographed in forever. Miss Casey Tisane. This lovely lady is a dancer and model, and is currently available for photo shoots. Here' her Infos
Name: Casey Tisane
Rezz day: 03/13/2010
What country are you from?: England
Star sign: Scorpio
Favorite color?: Blue
Favorite movie/TV show?: Dirty Dancing (im a sucker for 80's movies!)
Favorite song?: Living on a Prayer - Bon Jovi - takes me back to my old clubbing days!
Favorite place in sl?: Any SL shopping centre? I love, love love the themed sales that happen, so anywhere i can spend my lindens is my favourite
Favorite store?:Fashionatic, is my current favourite, they have some loverly Leather items
Describe your perfect date? A movie, A pizza, My place or yours, a coffee, Breakfast, in that order, I'm a pretty simple girl.
What is your favorite sexual position?: I love to be on top, taking charge and riding my stallion :)
What brought you to sl?: Loneliness, i was going through hard times, i liked this because it was easy to meet and engage with people. I stayed because of the people, and the shopping.
What is your favorite thing to do in sl?: Shopping or or dancing... hmm today? its dancing, i love to dance at a theme part, meet and chat with people, emote and have fun.
Who do you admire?: Anyone who gives their time for charity, those people are awesome.
What is your special talent?: besides certain...techniques..i would say i can make people laugh, thats a decent talent.
Tell us a little about your personality?: I like to think I'm bubbly and outgoing on Second Life, i'm the person who i'm scared to be in Real Life at times, which is why i keep on coming back to SL. 


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