Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sim Hopping through Second Life

Bored with the same ole, same ole parties, dance clubs and dungeons?  Why not explore Second Life and see what it has to offer.  I've been asked to do a periodic posting on cool places to visit in SL.   I spend a lot of time traveling around Second Life looking for sims that are nice to look out, are nice to use as backgrounds and looking for that rare jewel, those that allow us to rezz items to use in photographs. Those are rarer and rarer these days with all the child like griefers roaming about.
My opening post is about the Hazardous sim, its been around a while but is a really cool build. I've heard it is modeled after a location in the Australian Outback, but I can't verify that.   I've visited the Hazardous sim numerous times over the last year and always find a new vantage point for some photographs. It has a unique landing point in the sky  and a nice dusky windlight at ground level.   I've used my own windlights and come up with some nice shots also.
 It's moderate, so go clothed or cover those bits if you are a nudist.


More of my adventures can also be found on my Flickr:  Digital Dreamz.

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