Saturday, November 9, 2013

Within the Darkness - Finn Millar and Aedan

As Woman we feel so many things when we are hit with Cancer,what does a Guy feel also feel lost and in a Dark Place, They dont wish to submit to the Darkness, be Pinned down what they would do is fight back as much as possible, they want to be seen as Strong and not Weak to those we love...As you know  i cant tell what every man would be feeling and in a way i wanted to try and make a photo of it, so thank you to Finn Millar and also to Aedan(Resident) I tried to put in a picture in regards to Dominance, Submitting and Fighting back and not to give in...Thank you both for being part of my Movember series *smiles*  and yus i was the 3rd wheel ;-)

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