Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sun Kissed God

Let me introduce you to this Sun Kissed God, his name is Ðανiđ (drizzt.dowd), and here are some pictures of him together with a little bio.

Ðανiđ has been modeling in SL for about 8 months now. He usually models but he has participated in one movie. He looks forward to be invited to work in more, and hopes for a chance soon.

He also does his own stuff; he loves the photography, and finding a place with a model to make both look their best is his passion. He is still learning, but even though he does not have good graphics, he manages to capture the essense and bring it to your eyes.

In this porn industry with so many (if not most) are tanned, dark, and with plenty of miscles and tattoos, he took the rist to be blonde and different.

When he gets online at SL, he likes to hang out usually at Teqi's, do photos, or go out dancing. He is most of the times alone and so he chats with friends.

For the Full set of Pictures of this set with him, please CLICK HERE.

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