Friday, November 1, 2013

Movember Month with Midnightsun studio's

For the whole month of Movember, I will be showcasing one guy a day that I brought to the studio/woods and always know that if you would like to be part of this shoot, there is still time to take part, as through my time difference i have possibly missed around 5 people i have been wanting to get a hold of - so please do not be scared to message me, or that.

Again if you do not know what Movember is - its regards to Mens Health and Prostrate Cancer, i am sure many events are done in promotion of Mens health but the top thing every guy will wear or grow to promote this month is a moustache. 

I ran Movember last yr as well and it was a good response, so again i thought in doing this once again and have been priviledged in every guy i have asked and have been willing to pose for me...smiles.

So first up i would love to show case our very own  Midnight Shinja, he has been out of world dealing in RL for over a yr and well i thought it was just right that the Big Boss should be first :-)  

Enjoy his set

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