Saturday, November 30, 2013

Don Dutch

Don Dutch (DutchCorleone) is the last of my Movember series, he is a lovely friend and was lovely to have him come at the very last moment to be part.  He is a very sweet gentleman to know and im sure he will be seen in many more things to come.

I would like to say to everyone who took part in Movember a great big thank you and i know that this was also close to some people as they had family/friends that were also dealing with this disease or had done.  So lets just keep on checking and making sure that as well as ladies, the guys are very very very important in our life as well and your health should be checked regularly and we know guys do not like to feel weak.

Bob69 Dirval

This gentleman also took part in Movember also and it was a pleasure to see him take part, and he is also a newcomer as well,so lets hope we maybe see him around a little more also.  Thank you again 

Cotton Candy and her Deer Friend

Cotton Candy took part in my Movember series and yes ladies were always welcome had they wished to have taken part and Candy is a newcomer to the Porn scene also and is always seen at parties as well.  She is lovely to know and lets hope we see more of her in plenty more things to come..Thank you Candy for being part of Movember

Friday, November 29, 2013

ML Ferraris

Very rarely do we see this gentleman, and i think most of the time i have seen him chat in the groups, and we had been trying to get a hold of one another through out for the 2 months and had been glad we finally did.  Thank you Ml for taking part in Movember and it was a pleasure to meet you and get the time to chat to you.  Look forward to seeing i hope more of this gentleman in more things im sure


Tallaq - Newcomer

First of let me introduce to you Tallaq, he is part of my Movember series but also he is also a very brand newcomer to the world of Porn as well, and to me it is always nice to get new faces out there and seen and having had him both part of my newcomer series and also part of Movember, then what better way. I was not sure what to expect i would see when i had brought him over and i was pleasantly surprised and quite delighted in how he was.  Main thing is get to know him and include him for many more things..Thank you Tallaq and i hope you enjoy his little set

Newcomer - Maarja Avora

Maarja Avora was introduced to me via another good friend and to which I brought her over to chat to her and what a lovely lady she be*smiles*  Having a set up all Xmassy, i thought why not show her in all a Xmas look so here she is laying first waiting on Santa to come, then rested by the fireside..I hope you enjoy her set and lets hope we see more of her in the near future within the world of Porn.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Jinx Jiersen

Have to say first of all thank you Jinx for taking part in Movember and thank you also for having patience with me as well..hehe...anyways we all know Jinx a very busy photographer and has been around for a very long time. He is an all round nice guy, so thank you again Jinx

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

At the end of the event contest :
 The DOC-TORR, one of the 3 candidates complain about his hard-on...
I am a good girl you know that! So I gave him the opportunity to get his revenge!
here is a sample of the album i did ( more on my flickr or here if you request it)

Hungry like the Wolf

Was rather funny when we were hanging out after the shoot and he was like running me around in circles that i had thought of an awesome name for this post and we actually came out with the same thought haha, anyways im sure we all know Wolf (Draven Starflare) and if not why not hehe.  He is a true friend to me and known him since the beginning of my time in the Porn side of the industry which was now erm 2 and a bit yrs.  Wolf is a Film maker,Photographer, runs a company and much more.  Thank you Wolf for taking part in  Movember and for being such fun company and making me laugh when i needed it.  Hugs n stuff

 All Poses have all been Vice Poses

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Sun Kissed God

Let me introduce you to this Sun Kissed God, his name is Ðανiđ (drizzt.dowd), and here are some pictures of him together with a little bio.

Ðανiđ has been modeling in SL for about 8 months now. He usually models but he has participated in one movie. He looks forward to be invited to work in more, and hopes for a chance soon.

He also does his own stuff; he loves the photography, and finding a place with a model to make both look their best is his passion. He is still learning, but even though he does not have good graphics, he manages to capture the essense and bring it to your eyes.

In this porn industry with so many (if not most) are tanned, dark, and with plenty of miscles and tattoos, he took the rist to be blonde and different.

When he gets online at SL, he likes to hang out usually at Teqi's, do photos, or go out dancing. He is most of the times alone and so he chats with friends.

For the Full set of Pictures of this set with him, please CLICK HERE.

Add an Ace

So we all need to bring an Ace to the table sometime, and this lovely gentleman Ace Lycheborne came over to mine, after seeing him barely w...