Saturday, September 28, 2013

New things to Come

The Blog is going to be going through a revamp soon, with brand new things coming from Midnight Shinja, so always a delight to see things when the main man comes back from time to time to carry on and possibly more newer things..smiles, want to be part of his photography genius at times, then do come and leave a message or see us at the studio,also 5 new photographers who were interested in being part of the Midnightsun Artists will be hopefully joining us as well, they are not new to the Porn world, but are successful in there own right. I will introduce them soon :)

I have 20 different things i will be getting started also, so if you want to also work with me and i do various themes that will be ongoing till the next year, so creating a much more bulkier portfolio is always a good thing in my own opinion

So Midnightsun Studios is still here, just been quiet on the horizon while in the planning stages :)

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