Monday, September 30, 2013

yes i am back

after almost a year of being away, studying life in general I am back hopefully with new and improved eyes and tons of new ideas and concepts ... I am looking fwd to meeting all the new faces and working with the min the near future

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lets try this....

I am Admiral Puffy Pants.... also known as Nakuru Bergamasco,
I am new at this so be patient, but anyway.... my first post I figured I should just start from
where I began, so she has posed for Jewell before but let me introduce you again to my lovely
wife Zynda Ametza Bergamasco

My Flickr page can be found... 
look forward to meeting and working with you all

Dea Santis

Dea has been around the porn community for a while, so invited her over to do a shoot of her, a bubbly and fun character to know, you can always see her at the parties whenever they happen to be on and always gets involved in things in the groups from time to time. So thank you again for bringing your sweet and sexy self...Hope you enjoy her pics

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Swing into Autumn

Autumn is upon us and i thought i would tease you with one of my favourite skyboxes where i will come and chill from time to time and also plan and do shoots from...I was sitting thinking on my swing and well a smile was forming, the leaves on the trees were changing colour, they were forming gold and many other colours to come, i love the rain in the autumn/fall time, when the wind blows, then the oncoming time to halloween and so much more that can be reminding of us of this wonderful time of year, the fires and smoke in a cosy cottage as well and so much other things

New things to Come

The Blog is going to be going through a revamp soon, with brand new things coming from Midnight Shinja, so always a delight to see things when the main man comes back from time to time to carry on and possibly more newer things..smiles, want to be part of his photography genius at times, then do come and leave a message or see us at the studio,also 5 new photographers who were interested in being part of the Midnightsun Artists will be hopefully joining us as well, they are not new to the Porn world, but are successful in there own right. I will introduce them soon :)

I have 20 different things i will be getting started also, so if you want to also work with me and i do various themes that will be ongoing till the next year, so creating a much more bulkier portfolio is always a good thing in my own opinion

So Midnightsun Studios is still here, just been quiet on the horizon while in the planning stages :)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Moves Likes Jagger

Yes so the song had been in my head, but thought i should welcome Jagger Eclipse, the other half or ruby and its been a while since we spoke mainly in IM's often and finally got to meet in person.  hope you enjoy his set and say hi to Jagger Eclipse

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Beach Dance

At the exotic and wild Beach Club in Blacktopia, one of the sexy dancers was just taking her turn doing some of her moves as one of the regular customers found it too irresistible to watch from far, so he took a place closer, and that lead both of them to an intimate dance.
New models Sarah Simmons and her -sunset- Prince *winks*

For the full set please click HERE!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Xilion Iceberg - Newcomer

Its always nice to meet newcomers to the Porn industry, and its even harder at times for those to get there face out there at times as well, and well getting to know Xilion just shows how much of a fun guy he be, a great personality, very good looking and well just a great sense of humour as well...smiles..So let me introduce to you Xilion to Midnightsun Studios and i hope you enjoy  his set...smiles

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Ace Collinson

So I asked this lovely lady over to do a shoot of her, and as its for an item I believe she will be wanting them for then I felt even more honoured in a way for doing this Shoot.  Im also an admirer of her photography aswell and is successful in her own right.  I hope you enjoy this set and thank you Ace it was good to see you.

KittyInDa Henhouse

Or as everyone will know her as Candy Babydoll Dubrovna,  successful in her own right as a wonderful photographer, great sense of humour, sexy,ever changingm and does various projects within the Porn world - past and present she also designs clothes as well.  So I hope you enjoy her set.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Day at the Beach with DarkAngel

Decided to do a shoot with DarkAngel and kind of did it differently, so yes he is part of the Beach Bum set i have going on,  all through the shoot i was keen on just showing him off in all ways hence i would  show only him, and  decided to make it a couples  shoot at the same time, it all started  with him picking me up in the water and making me light as a feather...So i hope you enjoy this set of him, the pic of the moon is like a flickr thing i love the moon and he did a moon shot so this was just a perfect moon by the end of the day..Enjoy

Add an Ace

So we all need to bring an Ace to the table sometime, and this lovely gentleman Ace Lycheborne came over to mine, after seeing him barely w...