Saturday, August 17, 2013

Coming Soon.....

As Everyone knows i like to pre plan ahead in all that I do and also to be honest it lets anyone who might be interested and want to be involved as well - So if you see what I put down then you will know what i will be intending to be doing - comments are welcome btw


Kinky Boots

For The Ladies/For the Guys


Upcoming Soon

Born in the/Guess the State


The Readers Wives Series (Dirty Wives Club)

Dark Hunters- This has been an ongoing thought for the last year and still been trying to get out

Hey Mr Dj/Ms Dj - Set where i want to have all you Djs out there be noticed - Head Studies

Bad Boys

Directors Cut - Aim to have those behind the camera in front of the Camera

Boy and there Toys

Santa Says

Old Series continuing

The Grimm Fairytales - Part 2
Movember - Part 2

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