Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Summer Heat

So how are you all doing im currently back in the game and will be contacting you once again if you have done a photo shoot with me before in the past, your more than welcome to come and introduce yourself again, if your new to the industry Midnightsun studio also welcomes you to come and have continuing Portfolio done..Midnight Shinja does fantastic shoots just he is currently offline and is attempting to get back inworld soon as possible, Not sure what his work is like then look through the blog and he does superb shoots.  
( Just one of his many shoots)

Next I do a lot of themed photo shoots and also will be continuing on with my Male for the Ladies Series and again I have a list of those who were interested in doing this but given the fact im not the type to pop into someone's IM box and bug you all, can you kick my butt into touch and ill make sure your noticed not sure what Male of the week is then i can show you with those following Links below...I am also about to do a beach shoot as well so if any of you glamour pusses and guys out there wish to be my beach bums then your more than welcome to come and strut your stuff in the water for me.

and many more as below

I still have in the pipeline  also my Dark hunters Themed Photo shoot and well the photographer that I had  has done a total disappearing act now so i will be doing that shoot as well - but given that the Dark hunters shoot is my baby for sure, you can bet your bottom dollar i want it good :) so if you remember that i was looking for characters from the dark hunters and btw this is a fantasy book series by sherrilyn Kenyon then you will know what i mean.

I have a notecard inworld for all the themed shoots i have planned including Kinky Boots, 

So for now let me relax in the sea and just wait *winks*

Its normal to strip down to nothing when in the sea and well i just had to, the weather was balmy, the sea was cool against my body and all i needed was someone  to tease and please me all the way down 

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