Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Gaheris Edelmann or "G"

As you all know i had been doing a For the Ladies series, so i decided to bring it back once more and what better way than to introduce Gaheris Edelmann for my 2nd series of For the Ladies. 

I have to say once you meet Gaheris or G as he likes to be known he is uber sweet, very very down to earth and well someone who i see in the shadows and so brought him forward to be noticed, he is sexy and sensual,quiet and a sense of humour.  Its a hard life when talking photos of very sexy gentlemen hehe, but no, thank you G for having the patience of me finally managing to grab you after 4 months of when you first requested to come model for me *smiles* Ladies I do hope you enjoy this lovely man's set, I know i did.

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