Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Rosa's Picks! Featured Shoot & Production Locations in Second Life!

Welcome back to the MidnightSun Studios Blog!  I have returned from my sabbatical and am ready to continue the fabulous work our dear friend, Midnight Shinja, started for us here.  To kick things off, I will be doing a weekly series of some of the most fun places in Second Life to do shoots.   The first location is very dear to my heart.  I hope you enjoy!

Welcome to Chateau de Moeleneaux!  This private mansion is situated on one half of "Excite" nestled on a warm beach surrounded by beautiful palm trees.  It boasts two stories of the most fabulous architecture created by Bentley.  


The property includes a beautiful private beach located on the western side of Excite allowing you to enjoy beautiful sunsets on the island.

On the east side of the property, you will find a private lagoon with a small island and amazing waterfalls.

If romance is what you are seeking, the gazebo and spa is just for you!  The Spa has room for four couples and boasts over 250 of the most amazing poses for each.  

Pria and I are opening our sim up to photographers and producers who would like to use it as a backdrop for their work.  For unlimited access to this sim, join the Velvet Rose Productions group.  If you would like to use the sim without group access, please contact me to set up a time for your use.


We will be having an open house on Sunday, May 12th, for everyone to come have a look and enjoy some of the amazing fun places at Chateau de Moeleneaux!


Next week, I will be featuring Dirty Rythms, a Second Life premiere swingers group and location.  You won't want to miss it!



Rosa Moeleneaux

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