Monday, March 18, 2013

Tips for sexy looks

I had the pleasure to stumble across this sexy panties on marketplace and thought they were just perfect to wear under a dress that had a side cut. But I loved them so much that I decided to see if the creator had more colors. I was so happy to see so much variety and at such accessible price!

They look hot and make your bottom more desirable, in my personal opinion, more real.

The creator contacted me saying she hopped I like them, and I told her I loved them, she was happy to even make me a gift on the lace top and this is the result. A very happy me posing to show them off.

I will leave a link to the marketplace store at the end!

I had the pleasure as well to model for my friend Cara Olivieri for this pictures, she is amazingly talented! so bad she doesnt do porn! *sighs*

Enjoy! :)

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