Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Mother Stands for Comfort

My Review

This was my first viewing and my review for the Graham Collinson's Gallery opening and we look forward to seeing you there tomorrow 

"We are all unique in a way and with the Prim Boob show, it still shows that we can still be unique, Graham brings out the person's individuality in his pictures, showing us indeed every woman's beautiful features, but the main feature is the woman's breast and a mans comfort also in a way as well, and Graham shows us this as well

Breasts are a man's desire, he likes to use  them many ways, he  loves to suckle them, touch them, play with them, fantasise with them, and now that they get bigger, he can place his manhood in-between there and snuggle there*winks*  They are there for comfort as well and with the likes of Veronica, Rachel, Maria, Krystel, Lynnie, Kirsten and many more  models who have taken part in his Mother Stands for Comfort show....so im sure you will take pleasure  in visiting his vision as he will do also im sure *smiles"

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