Monday, February 11, 2013

Meet and Greets and MidnightSun Studios

Back last year it was decided that once we got more into what we were doing, we would do Meet and Greets basically for those within MidnightSun Studios and if they wished to bring friends or invite then so be it. First off it was to enjoy and the next was to actually meet everyone and just have a fun time, to this day I still see it as that, a little bit of enjoyment for Midnightsun Studios, and in the past we had our first one back about October time i think  (see past pictures and Midnight Dj'd )and it was successful and then 2 or 3 more, these meet and greets are basically once a month, and till this day not in a competition with anyone else, so if it is starting to be seen that way then dont think on it that it is and if anyone wants to suddenly be childish and do an official one with a Club where we have put up an Erotic Gallery also, to show case people who are artists within MidnightSun Studios and are in there own right successful in what they are doing as well.

There's still spots left to enter your photo into the contest!

Be sure to stop by and see the featured artists work on display.  We are excited to have Midnight Shinja, Eva Brunswick, Graham Collinson, Domino Dupree, Stefan Maldor and Daron Brandeis in our first feature lineup.

Great works from some of the greatest talents.

So i would also like to say thank you to Rosa who took on the getting the Gallery set up also as well she has done an awesome job so far and im proud plus given we had been using her huge place for Meet and Greets as well which  will be going back to there as well from time to time as this makes for a more exclusive Meet and Greet time :) and also to Domino who seems to be working hard at getting Dj'ng gigs also.


Below is photos i took, and please forgive me for the state of them, given i had fallen asleep before it had started (6pm -9pm sl time) was like 3am my time in the UK lol and given when i woke up i had crashed so had missed an hour as the sim crashed with everyone it seems :), but with it being laggy for me I grabbed as much photos i could with ongoing sim crashes 3 while awake and hence lots of people not back online at certain pics, but it was moved to a second location within the Island and so it continued, dont mind my photos plus i was half awake.  To me it was a good night and on top of it i won $500ls on top of it lol.

Dirty Rhythms - one of the clubs

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  1. Awww...I love you Jewell! And, I love my new family at Midnightsun Studios. You are all such a great group of artists!


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