Friday, February 15, 2013


Hey folks im a hunt addict and i also like my fashions as well, so be to check out my blog here for any information that you need from time to time, I have been rather lax for a while since doing other things and well i will be getting into the swing of things soon of course :)  I blog and have blogged over the past 4 years mainly fashion, old and new, Hunt Items from Womenstuff to the best and hardest hunts on the grid that be The Twisted Hunt...Im not a follower of other people given I have always been doing to follow me then follow this link here and comments always be welcome *winks* or click here

If your looking for sexy clothes, or just dont have the cash and you want to look great, and also given i have in mind a Gothic Photo shoot soon, i would recommend for sure doing the Twisted Hunt, and guys there is many hunts in the offering for you as well *smiles* we should never forget the guys for sure, so keep a look out for more info from MidnightSun Studios

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