Wednesday, February 27, 2013

For the Guys

Seems we all want our ladies to look the best and i agree, but we should never forget our guys as well, hence  i haven't forgotten you all, and i have to say, every man that has come through to the studio well to me its nice to give them a boost up with some idea's on where to go whether for Formal wear, Street/Urban wear especially if your gonna even if in the clothes a few seconds *smiles* but say your an extra and not doing anything, you do not want to be looking newbish at times and since i follow a Womenstuff group, and if the guys didnt know  there is also a Menstuff Group that they should  join as well, and if you also join  yes it costs 50ls to join you also get gifts quite a lot of gifts on offer actually, and Menstuff also hold a grid wide hunt as well which i think will be coming up soon in the next few months..So again something to watch out for.

Years ago there was barely a good choice in stuff for guys and well so much more is being made but its getting there 

Below is a Link to the Stores for Guys, lots of  good stuff

Clothing - Menstuff

Shapes - Menstuff

Skins - Menstuff

Hair - Menstuff

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